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Xoom (Paypal) Pakistan Customer Care Service Contact Number

You can contact Xoom (Paypal) Customer Care Service from Pakistan 24/7 for International Money Transfer to Pakistan.

Xoom (Paypal) Pakistan Customer Care Service Contact Number

Xoom (Paypal) Customer Care Service:

Xoom (Paypal) used for sending Money to Pakistan. They Send Money to Pakistan Instantly. If you have any inquiries for money transfer, you can contact Xoom (Paypal) customer care service toll free contact number from Pakistan.

Xoom (Paypal) Customer Care Number:

You can call at +1 (877) 815-1531 toll free number from Pakistan 24/7.

Send Money To Pakistan from Anywhere Instant (Same-day)

Now you can send money to Pakistan from world-wide with any Bank Account or Credit/Debit Card instantly within few hours. Send Funds to any Rupee bank account in Pakistan or Cash Pick-up Locations.

Send Money To Pakistan from Anywhere Instant (Same-day)

Send Money to Pakistan with Xoom:

You can send money to Pakistan with any bank account, credit/debit card with Xoom. It is Paypal service started with a view to transfer money to Pakistan. This service can be availed world-wide. This means it does not matter from which country you are send money to Pakistan.

Send Money to Pakistan with over 5763 Locations:

Conveniently, you can now send money to Pakistan with Xoom with over 5763 locations all across the Pakistan. You can choose to send money to any bank account in Pakistan or cash Pick-up locations. Some of the supported banks are;

  1. Al Baraka Islamic Bank
  2. Allied Bank
  3. Askari Commercial Bank
  4. Bank Alfalah
  5. Bank Al Habib
  6. Bank Islami Pakistan
  7. Bank Of Punjab
  8. Burj Bank
  9. Citibank Pakistan
  10. Dubai Islamic Bank
  11. Faysal Bank
  12. HBL
  13. J S Bank
  14. MCB Bank (Muslim Commercial Bank)
  15. Meezan Bank
  16. NBP (National Bank Of Pakistan)
  17. Samba Bank
  18. Silk Bank
  19. Sindh Bank Limited
  20. Soneri Bank
  21. Standard Chartered Bank
  22. Summit Bank
  23. Tameer Bank (Telenor Bank)
  24. UBL (United Bank Limited)

Send Money to Pakistan Instant Same-Day:

Surprisingly, It provides same day money transfer to Pakistan. However, in order to use this service you must send money to any National Bank of Pakistan Rupee Account. This will transfer your money to Pakistan withing the same business day, But this service can be used for business days i.e (from Monday to Thursday). Additionally, care must be taken for Banking hours.

Send Money to Pakistan with Xoom Requirements:

Besides this, this service needs some verification documents for the sender. Sender will need to prove his identity to Xoom when sending money to Pakistan. Additionally they can ask "Purpose of Sending" etc. However, receiver with only required two things;

  1. Valid CNIC
  2. Xoom Transfer Number (Provided when Sending Money)

Lastly, I must recommend this method for sending money to Pakistan if want to send money instantly withing the same day by sending to National Bank of Pakistan any rupee account. If you are sending money to another bank account or cash pick-up location then some additional time may take. And if you have any inquiries you can contact Xoom (PayPal) Customer Care Service Number anytime from Pakistan.

How Bank Timings in Pakistan Can Effect Your Business

Bank Timings in Pakistan Can Seriously effecting your Business? Conventional Bank Timings in Pakistan can effect your business very drastically. However, many banks in Pakistan provides extended banking hours to over come this matter.

Bank Timings in Pakistan Can Effect Your Business

From past, it has been experienced many problems in banking hours as there are two holidays Saturday and Sunday besides this Friday was also not effective as other business days in Pakistan. Interestingly, some commercial banks in Pakistan provided additional Bank Timings in Pakistan to ease its customers.

Banks Providing Additional Bank Timings in Pakistan:

In order ease customers, some of the popular banks in Pakistan introduced additional bank timings in Pakistan which are a plus to its customers. There are some of banks branches which remains open on Friday and Saturday with full working hours. However, they are closed on Sunday.

Additional Bank Timings in Pakistan Impact to Business Community of Pakistan:

Finally, I must agree that it is has been very good initiative by the above list of banks who provided additional bank timings in Pakistan to make their customers more controlling over their financial matters.

Online Traders Alert: Opening HBL Bank Account Requirements

Pakistan Online Traders Alert: There are very simple and easy opening HBL Bank Account Requirements. You can open HBL Basic Banking Account just in a day. Before getting started, I must tell you that HBL Basic Banking Account in one of the Best Bank Accounts for Online Trading Experience. For doing this follow the below steps.

Opening HBL Bank Account Requirements

Opening HBL Bank Account Requirements

  1. First of all, make sure you visit your nearest HBL branch with minimum of Rs. 1,000. Although there is no minimum balance requirement for this type of account but you must make your initial deposit to your account for opening.
  2. You must carry your original CNIC card with a photocopy.
  3. Another document you will need to carry is you proof of income. In this matter, If you are doing any job, you can bring salary slip or company card given to you. On the other case, if you are doing business, then you can use your business card or latter pad receipt for this. However, if you are student you cannot access this account, But along with studies if you are doing part time job or freelancing then you can avail this type of account by providing earning proof. For example, Giving home tuition, working at someones shop etc.
  4. Lastly, you must bring your utility bill where you are currently residing at address for you residence. In this you can use Electricity bill, Gas Bill, or other WASA bill.

And, That is it. Now you can open your HBL basic banking account. It can be used for any international transactions suitable for online trading.

Online Traders Best Bank Account in Pakistan

Good News for online traders, Now, you have the best bank account which can be used internationally for Trading with minimal time and charges.

Before proceeding further you must know that this bank is suitable for online traders who often trades online including;

  1. Forex Trading
  2. Binery options Trading
  3. Online Stock Trading
  4. Crytocurrency Trading

HBL Basic Banking Account Best Bank Account in Pakistan For Online Traders

As making international transaction can be done from any VISA/MASTERCARD enabled Bank card but HBL Current Account gives you safest way to transfer funds from Pakistan to any country safely but as well as at lowest conversion charges.

Sending and Receiving International Transaction with HBL Basic Banking Account

It can be used globally at any VISA/MASTERCARD merchant worldwide. Besides this, you can receive any international WIRE TRANSFERS/ SWIFT TRANSFERS, or VISA TRANSFERS directly to your account.

E-Wallets Transfers with HBL Basic Banking Account

It can be also used for e-wallet transfers, Like Skrill, Neteller, Payza, Payeer, and Payoneer with minimal cost within a day or two. Additionally, open your HBL Basic Banking Account for as low as Rs. 1,000 with no minimum balance requirement.

At the end, I recommend to use HBL Basic banking account for online trading transaction as it gives you easy and very timely services. For opening HBL Basic banking Account and its requirement please read this for further guidance.

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